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Everyone knows the 5 rules of dodgeball:

1. Dodge

2. Duck

3. Dip

4. Dive

5. ... and Dodge


Ever since Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn starred in that wonderful movie, Dodgeball has remained a thing.


For the old school dodgeballers, we offer occasional indoor leagues that play on hard court with 6v6 (4 men/2 women - you can have more than 2 women and less men playing at any time). We play as many games as we can during 60 minutes. Paid referee is included!



Looking for the occasional Dodgeball experience? See below for any seasonal tournaments.


We also offer weekly Pick-Up dodgeball when in season or the occasional tournament. If you do not see any offerings below, not much happening right now...


Register full teams or individuals looking to be placed on a team. Priority registration will save you $$$ so make your move now to secure your spot in one of these popular leagues!